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Impregnate Sexy Sprites in “Merge Nymphs” Hentai Game

If your fetish is sexy nymphs and luscious sprites wandering around magical groves and pure lakes, and on top of that you love puzzle games, here’s a pick for you: “Merge Nymphs”. This latest game made by Nutaku allows you to spend some sexy time with these magical creatures – and save their world!

Merge Nymphs: Adult Online Puzzle Game with rewarding scenes

You’re a powerful (shall we say potent?) magician destined to fight the evil spirits invading the planet and causing corruption. In order to reinvigorate the nymphs and help them fight evil, you’ll need to muster your brain and solve some puzzles. Complete more than 100 levels by awakening spirits and fighting opponents in tactical battles. It’s definitely not run-of-the mill persistent web browser game, as it offers much more – not to mention juicy scenes!


Unlike many typical browser games by Nutaku, this is not a gatcha type game, where you collect girls in random draws. Mostly they come from completing missions, and there are already hundred of those. There are also regularly held events that allow you to grab some better gear to get through harder missions.

nymphs hentai game

Finally, we have a game with original ideas. At the heart, it’s a game where you need to “connect 3” or more items, but there are many spins on this idea. Your forest sprites can be “merged” with items such as vibrators or whips to produce sex magic needed to awaken other nymphs. Sometimes it’s not clear what you need to do, but there is a help button to give you tips for each stage. You can also restart the stage without penalties.

levels nymph hentai

There are lots of levels to play – you won’t be bored!

Tutorial will guide you through the first missions of the game. And if you don’t know what to do next, tap the titties to get some wise advice.

nymph support

Do you like crafting? This game is a joy for players that like to combine items.

map nymphs

There’s also overland persistent level, where you upgrade your kingdom and fight the pollution in a form of black clouds.

Stages can be completed in a few ways and there are secondary objectives to complete to get more gear and EXP.

alchemist sexy hentai game

There is also wandering merchant that peddle wares. Visit her often as she holds interesting treasures that are hard to obtain otherwise.


winter nymph

Fancy some winter nymph? She can be yours…

The artwork is really hot and while this is recently released title, it already features more than 60 beautiful sprites and steaming hentai scenes that you will unlocking while playing the game. Art direction is skewed also more towards western type of animation than typical japanese anime, so if you like this kind of artwork, you will love it too.

The girls are ready to reward you for your help with fighting evil forces and are always happy to have sex with you. Not that hentai scenes are particularly complicated, but the writing is pretty good.

sex with nymphs

Scenes are presented in visual novel style. More eager to please you nymphs are unlockable through completing quests and cleaning up your world from pollution. And if you’re  impatient, you can always buy some ruby for real cash, however rubies are not exclusive to microtransaction and can be obtained at a slow rate while grinding.


  • The only game about horny nymphs 🙂
  • Western art direction
  • Pretty good ambient music and nymphs squeeks and moans (better play this with headphones!)


  • It’s free online game, but with microtransactions
  • Most h-scenes aren’t animated – but I’m sure we’ll see more in the future

Go play it for free online. See if you can save the kingdom from pollution – mingling with some hot nymphs on the way!

 merge nymphs online game

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