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Girls on Tanks: Turn-based Strategy with Hot Officers

girls on tanks

The premise of the Girls on Tanks story might not be the most original: forces of Nimeria have discovered the ultra mineral that can create an indestructible army. Of course, the baddies of Winter’s Blood want to take control of these uber-weapon resources. As the General of the United Defense Force your task will be to stop them, with the might of your army and a flair of your officers. For some unknown reason, all your officers are hot girls. Take a look at this new adult tactical game and see what it’s about.

Wage war – with pretty girls as your aides

If you’ve ever played games like Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics, and especially Advance Wars on GBA, you’ll feel like at home. Especially the latter title was definitely main inspiration behind Girls on Tanks. You’ll be pushing units across the field in a war of attrition against Winter’s Blood forces, fielding infantry, tanks, artillery, airplanes and more.

hentai tactical game battle

Battle screen

Another layer of strategy is provided by your officers, that gives units special abilities to trigger and passive feats. There are three slot categories of officers: Sergeant, Captain and Lieutnant. Upon selecting a mission you can also choose a booster to get more fighting power for your units or our favorite Loyalty Booster – get increased XP for a mission. It’s free once per day, and additional costs Crystals.

tactical hentai

Mission selection screen: there are almost 100 missions currently to play, not counting various additional modes like PvE and PvP.

Units It’s also worth noting that damaged units doesn’t fight as effectively, so the best strategy would be to gang up on the opponents and conserving strenght whenerver possible. There are also rock-paper-scissors considerations, as some units are better against each other, like light tanks being fast, but with no ability to cross terrain obstacles or standard infantry that has limited anti-tank ability (unless you can get a bazooka).

sexy tank officer

After winning a fight, you’ll get the chance to obtain more sexy officers to fuck – I mean, to command. If you pick up the same officer card again, you’ll get loyalty points that will allow you to level her up and of course – unlock intimacy scenes.

girls on tanks sexy officers

Officers provide different passive bonuses, stat boosts and passive effects that will grow with each level.

Later campaign features additional conditions like rain that would decrease movement rate of your tanks or requirement to capture an enemy base to win a mission.

Is it sexy?

100 super sexy soldiers are waiting for you to to collect and if you reach Rank 10, you’ll unlock hot scene with your officer – there are at least two for each girl. Art design is not too overly anime-like and looks more akin to western comic books, which fits the theme.

army sex game

Intimacy scenes are animated

Most importantly, h-scenes are animated and while there is no dialogue voiceover, they’re expanded by sexy moans and whispers.

Why you should play it?

  • Fun, not too complicated tactical gameplay in a modern setting – a welcomed reprieve from fantasy RPG hentai games,
  • Has linear campaign with 80+ missions,
  • About 100 officers that would serve you on battlefield and in bed,
  • Regular update once a month or so,
  • Sex scenes are animated,
  • Works in browser and on Android smartphones,
  • PvE and PvP modes,

Load up High Explosives!

Ride your tank or even better – ride your sexy tanker, with this free online game from Nutaku.  Game features microtransactions, but they’re optional, if you want to level up faster and obtain more officers, as premium currency – crystals – is available  in random drops.

play girls on tanks

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