sacred sword princess hentai game

Embark on Adult RPG Journey Sacred Sword Princesses

sacred sword princess adult rpg game

Sacred Sword Princesses is another high-budget adult game made by Superhippo, online game developer known from titles like recently reviewed Girls on Tanks or Attack on Moe-H clicker. This time girls are named Vessels, as they’re sacred angels that will help you fight evil Mistress of the Night. Or something like that.

Most importantly, your vessels will not only wage battles, but are also eager to spend some ‘intimate’ time with you in a steaming hot scenes. So pull out your Sacred Sword (I’m sure title is a pun!) and see the review of this sexy action adult RPG game.

How does this Adult RPG play?

You’ll be commanding girls directly in battles resembling action MMORPGs for mobile phones. Click or tap on the screen to direct your team there, and your girl will attack enemies automatically. You can also you special skill with cooldown, and double tapping enables dodging. Controls are simple and optimized for mobile devices, so you will be able to play it on PC, tablet or smartphone. You can also enact autobattles, though to get the best results it’s always best to play it for yourself.

battles hentai screen

Typical battle screen. You’ll be bashing JRPG type minions and triggering special skills to get to the boss.

Girls have different elemental affinities, so you’ll be using different teams against various enemies. Battles are quite dynamic and busy, but at the same time, they’re geared towards casual players, so at least early missions won’t pose much of a problem even if you’re noob.

Between battles and during campaigns, you will be rewarded with Visual Novel scenes advancing the story.

hentai scenes visual novel

Even in VN-scenes girls are animated, as they’re 3D models.

Your Vessels can be upgraded with a variety of equipment to boost their abilities and survivability in battle. There is even quite expansive crafting system, which is really fun. You’ll be hunting for parts like hides, metal scraps and magical dust to improve your gear. Equipment can be looted or created with forge materials.

materials game hentai

Loot after the battle.


Vessels have many special skills, character skills and awaken skills to upgrade.

Usual PvP modes allow you to pit your vessels against other players’ teams and you can also form a guilds that gives you benefits. Befriending other players lends helping hand in battles, and on top of that you will receive Friendship points that can be exchanged for goods.

Overall, there are plenty to do in this game, but there is useful and lenghty tutorial when you begin, so you’ll gradually get to know most aspects.

Is it sexy?

hentai game scenes

The process of bonding with the protagonist (called here Soul Harmony Ritual) opens up hentai scenes that are fully uncensored and are voiced in Japanese, so you’ll experience full array of moans and ahhs, while you’re getting intimate with your girl.

There are a variety of sex scenes (threesome, demons, paizuri – or titfuck), so everyone should find his fetish here. While the scenes are really lewd, there is no forced sex, but rather romantic and hot encounters where girls are often shy, but eager. We’re sure you would find your new waifu here!

Why should you play it?

  • Popular adult RPG game – has two servers,
  • 3D girls and animated battles,
  • About 40 characters to collect,
  • Voiced in Japanese,
  • Excellent artwork and quality art style
  • More than 50 hours of storyline and counting, as the game is regularly updated with new content

Conquer the world with your sacred sword 🙂

Sacred Sword Princesses is available as an online game, there is however optional desktop installation version, and dedicated Android APP. Give it a go and check it now as it is free to play, with optional microtransactions.

play sacred sword princesses game



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