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Oblivious: Summon Cute Girls and Save the Kingdom!

You’re a smart but unfortunate wizard with potent powers that is trying to summon a powerful demon to help save the kingdom. Unfortunately for you, instead of bringing on nasty billow spewing goat-man from hell, all you can do is to summon… pretty girls from magical realm. Initially the protagonist thinks about himself as a failure or even pervert – how could he explain to other mages, that all he can summon are scantily clad ladies, instead of scary devils? But as you can imagine, he gradually makes friends with the girls and fight together, leading to certain sexy affairs.

And so begins Oblivious – the latest Japanese title translated by Nutaku and brought to Western markets. It’s available for free online, but due to licensing reasons you won’t be able to play it in Japan (where you can play original), Russia and in Southeast Asia. See what this cool Tactical JRPG is about and try to get intimate with your alluring warriors – saving the world of Makai at the same time!

oblivious hentai game

Norn and “sir” Richard I Lionheart – obviously the game draws heavily from Fate anime series where various mythological individuals exists in a moe girls’ form

Fight on, for the greater good!

The game consists of both battles and VN scenes and progresses through series of campaigns unfolding main story and many side stories.

battle oblivious game

Battle presentation is great, and this game surely had some ample budget for the graphics unlike many indie games. There are 3D effects and animations and it all looks pretty good. Girls will be taking turns in your team to defeat enemy and monsters bashing them out. After several turns of fighting, both bosses and your team will start churning out ultimate attacks. Your heroines will be shouting challenges and threats in Japanese, as the game is fully voiced.

You can also put fight in the “auto mode” or x2 speed, that will make you a spectator, which might be useful with easier and faster fights.

To win you must compose your team of up to 5 girls with synergistic abilities and combos. Healers can heal, warriors will dish damage, tanks will protect your party members and so on – with sixty girls on your disposal, number of combination is limitless, so you’ll spend a lot of time on team selection screen! Additional slot is designed for online friend, so you can join battles with other players – don’t forget to equip this slot too, as it makes battles much easier.

To successfully complete quests, you’ll need to pick proper team for the fight, upgrade girls with equipment and boost their stats by special items. You can have up to 6 teams, each for a different challenge!

You’ll be able to pick quest battles, event battles, special battles, even raid other players in PvP mode – all for the better equipment, boosts, gits and XP.

While you will gain experience points fighting, the best way to upgrade hero (or actually heroine) is to use evolution items. These can be obtained through questing and in weekly dungeons, when every day of the week offers possibility to obtain different materials.

gacha hentai

New girls can be obtained through quests (including limited quests, available only during certain events) and of course, the game couldn’t be miss the gacha or random draws.

Is it sexy?

The artwork quality is really good and there are plenty of heroes to collect – more than 60 now –  with regular updates coming once per a week or two. Moreover, each hero has 2 juicy h-scenes, and you can always replay gallery. Girls are really cute, drawn in moe style and the whole story is kind of wholesome as it’s called now.

You’ll be able to improve affection stat by gifting girls with flowers, toys and other gifts (of course) that you’ll get from battles. Every girl has its own character and likes different gifts. It’s up to you to discover which! Upon maxing out affection, you’ll get to hentai scene that is fully voiced in Japanese.

hot scene game

Sex scenes are hot here, and there are plenty of girls to get intimate with.

Why should you play it?

  • Many fantasy anime tropes – and a lighthearted story
  • Splendid battle animations with 3D effects, including many ultimate attacks of your girls and enemy bosses
  • 60+ girls to get affectionate with, and each girl has two scenes
  • Fully voiced in Japanese. Including sexy moans!
  • Available on PC and Android – optimized for mobiles.

Summon moe girls now!

Try it now and see if you’re able summoner. Oblivious is available for free online, with the usual microtransactions, mostly for gacha draws but it plays well without payment.

oblivious hentai game

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