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Taimanin Asagi Battle Arena: Sexy Female Ninjas Fight On

Taimanin Asagi, released in 2007, is considered a hentai masterpiece and while Japanese animated porn series aren’t especially known for deep plot, this one is different. It features a rich fantasy world, interesting characters and twists. If that isn’t enough for you, let us say that main antagonist, an all-powerful sex demon is voiced by “Seiyuu Emperor”, Norio Wakamoto that lend its voice in Dragonball Z, Samurai Champloo or Ninja Scroll.

As you can expect from hentai featuring demons, there is a lot of tentacles here, and protagonist, a Ninja Warrior Asagi will be pounded hard in more than one orifice at the same time.

taimanin asagi game review

This is actually one of the few milder sex scenes from the hentai

More importantly for us gamers, this is the perfect setting for card battle eroge. Sex-hungry demons that must be defeated to save kingdom? Check. Beautiful warrior women wielding magical powers? Check. Plenty of sex in every position? Check. Count me in!

Let’s fly straight for the review and fight some mischievous demons as a sexy Kunoichi (female Ninja).

taimanin asagi game

Taimanin Asagi Battle Arena

Taimanin Asagi is another high budget hentai online game from Nutaku, licensed from Japan and translated into English. As the name implies, the game will pit you against demonic forces to save the world, in a series of card battles. You assume the role of a secret organization leader that employs sexy agents in bid for power against other organizations and demons.

big powers

Your Kunoichis usually are well endowed.

The story is presented in Visual Novel-like scenes, which are written very well. They are very lenghty and the plot is different from anime, offering a lot to VN readers. And you can play it on mobiles too, as the game is optimized for Android, so you can play it wherever you are. Even quest events, available for one – two weeks have their own stories. Current event story is about some sexy Vampire, while previous featured a lustful witch – there’s always something new, so it’s definitely worth to check it regularly.

game Taimanin Asagi

The game features plenty of special events, updated very often.

Battles are conducted automatically, so they are no-brainer, but it’s the party composition and leveling up various abilities that matters if you win or lose. If you can’t win some mission, try different party or grind levels a bit more. Additionaly, you’ll be able to battle other players in a league for rewards. If you expect deep tactical battle system at least like the one in Chick Wars, there is nothing like this here. The main strenght for this game lies in story, Visual Novel scenes and of course – harem rewards.

Taimanin Asagi battles

Leveling-up after battle.

Is it sexy?

The game isn’t particularly new, as it was released in Japan in 2014 and indeed interface looks a bit outdated, like Flash games from 10 years ago or so. Sex scenes are presented in a form of VN type episodes, where you get to fuck the girl. Unfortunately, the censorship from the Japanese version is preserved here! So dicks and vaginas are mosaiced, but the drawings are really good, and the girls are luscious indeed.

taimanin asagi scene

Just like in original hentai series, many Kunoichis have ample bosom and wide thighs, so if big girls are your thing, you’ll find the scenes arousing.

Why should you play it?

  • Lenghty VN hentai scenes (no animations though).
  • Seems to be popular, posibbly because it has been long time around, has plenty of players.
  • You will like it if you’re Taimanin Asagi fan.
  • Has tentacles.
  • Available on PCs and mobiles (works well in smartphone browser, no dedicated app).

Taimanin Asagi Battle Arena is online game available for free, with some microtransactions for faster leveling and gachas, so go see it for yourself and get some hot Ninja action. Recommended!

play taimanin asagi battle arena

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