Märchen Nocturne: Charming Adult Visual Novel RPG

Become a Lord Magician and save Märchen Nocturne world – mingling with some hot ladies in the process. See the latest Adult Visual Novel/action RPG with hentai scenes, available for free on PCs and mobiles.

Save the kingdom, get the girls

The gist of the story is that you’re an ordinary guy from our world that gets transformed to a fantasy world where girls fight beasts to protect their kingdom. Obviously, the ladies – including sexy queen – treat you as a savior, though at first you’re regarded as a simpleton who knows nothing about good manners and how to behave yourself around women. Nothing original, I know! This trope has been used like a thousand times in anime and mangas, so the story might not be too original, but it’s immersive and VN scenes are lenghty.

marchen nocturne review

At some point, you even come back to your world with a girls.

Scenes are presented in a typical Visual Novel manner, depicting main story and side stories of each girl. New girls can be obtained via quests, loot and gachas and since it’s an online game, we will surely get more and more content in time.

thicc girl marchen nocturne

THICC! There are more than 25 peculiar girls to collect.

Battles are conducted automatically, with characters and enemies taking turns according to initiative, and the success depends on how powerful your team is, but also on it’s composition. Unlike Chick Wars you don’t get to choose which enemy to attack or when to use special power – fights are on autopilot. There are 5 elements that work against each other,  Pokemon-style, so when fighting monsters with fire affinity, you should pick girls that are attuned to water, so she would dish bigger damage and so on.

equipment marchen nocturne nutaku

Party options are extensive and upgrading girls with magical stones is one way to gain more power.

Girls also can augment each other, heal and perform combos, so if you’re feeling some fights are too hard, switch to different party. On top of that, you can equip items and duplicate girl cards can be refined or used to level up existing girls. Equipment can be upgraded too.

marchen nocturne story

Battle scene. There are random battles, quest battles, special battles and even PVP offline battles where you pit your team agains other players ladies.

Is it hot?

It’s a hentai game (though at first glance it doesn’t look like it), so yes, there are some good scenes. To get to the scene, you’ll need to complete stories and provide gifts to the girls, that you can find in a loot. There are currently 25 characters to “get intimate” with, and the scenes can be accessed through intimacy menu on character screen.

Be gentle with little Rabby!

One thing that you’ll like in this game is that it’s voiced by several anime star Seiyuus (voice actresses) and it’s done very well, so not only all dialogues are voiced, but sex scenes too. This means you’ll get the whole repertoire of sexy moans and cries during your fun time ith girls. Arousing!

Why should you play it?

  • Charming, a bit oldschool style,
  • Fully voiced in Japanese, including h-scenes,
  • Visual Novel like story, with tons of lenghty episodes. It’s maybe even more s VN than tactical RPG, as battles are on autopilot,
  • Nice soundtrack, typical for VNs,
  • Currently 25+ girls to choose from,
  • Animated characters and battle scenes.

This is the latest game from Nutaku, released a few days ago, and it offers bonuses for new players, so it’s worth to check it now. For the same reason it still has some glitches, sometimes loses the connection and there are a few minor errors as you’d expect from a new game, but it will surely be fixed quickly. It’s available for free, with usual microtransactions for faster leveling and gachas, so go see it for yourself and get some hentai VN action. Recommended!

play marchen nocturne

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