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Kamihime PROJECT R: Tactical RPG Game with Eager Goddesses

Ready for the fight in a rich fantasy world, inhabited by dangerous enemies and warrior ladies more than eager to help you on your quest? Try Kamihime Project R, a fantastic free online RPG from Nutaku that is lots of fun and works on PCs and mobiles (including Android and iOS).

This priestess has… quite big healing powers, let’s say.

But who are Kamihimes?

Kamihimes are goddesses drawn for world’s mythology and religion, here personified as a cute girls, each with their own personality, story that you can unlock by doing quests, and of course their quirk, affinities and various battle abilities. Each Kamihime is rated in stars that describe their rarity, and they’re leveling up as you fight more and more battless.

party kamihime

Your party will contain Kamihimes that have to cooperate with each other, and proper combination of skills and affinities to elements will let you win battles.

tlaloc kamihime

For example, Tlaloc is a Goddess from Aztec mythology that has thunderous fists – easy to crush enemies with water affinity!

kamihime weapons

and you can even equip your Goddesses with various weapons, that can be gained from defeated enemies, gatchas (random prizes) and quests. You will be also able to forge some legendary weapons through crafting. Crafting materials are also used to enhance your Kamihime abilities.

There are also lots of special events and campaigns regularly updated where you can gain more gacha tickets, as well as limited characters or equipment. The game really is alive and being more than five years in development, it offers a lot to players. There’s always stuff to do, and as usual with online games, system rewards for logging in daily to snatch new bonuses and just play a little.

How does it play?

Game proceeds by picking up quests, making conversation with your Kamihimes, collecting loot and of course – fighting the monsters. Battle proceeds in usual JRPG manner that you might know from games like Final Fantasy, where participants will bash each other, until their HP run out, doing crazy moves and bombastic special attacks.

It’s really dynamic, fast and not that easy at all. Later missions provide quite a challenge, so you need to think about your party composition! Girls shout their battle-slogans in Japanese, which is cute. It plays and looks like really good anime in a fantasy world. You can even get assistance from online friend who will lend you his Eidolon (kind of helper) or help other players, giving you some portion of experience points.

party2 kamihime

Your party will be take on monsters, that include this minotaur cowgirl. Sometimes rare monsters show up, allowing you to collect a rare loot, if you can take them on!

Is it hot?

Completing series of missions will advance storyline and allows you to get “Harem scenes”. Be kind to the girls and will let you spend some fun time together. These hentai scenes can be replayed later from menu. And there are plenty of waifus to seduce, with more than 150 girls currently, each with their own personality, traits and campaign.

Moreover, each girl has a several scenes, so your hands will be definitely full when playing! 🙂 Scenes are unlocked after completing missions and campaigns and leveling up girls, and also when you find a new Goddess in a loot. Regardless, scenes are well made, and even if some are heavily influenced by anime tropes (like ever calm and collected maid or clumsy priestess), they’re fun and quite smart. And yes, the scenes are animated.

hentai scene kamihime

One of the hentai scenes with our favorite waifu.

Why should you play Kamihime?

  • Tons of special events and campaigns regularly updated
  • Fully voiced in Japanese, with English subtitles
  • Works on PCs and mobiles: Android and iOS
  • Top-notch graphics
  • Animated h-scenes
  • Do you like fantasy anime tactical RPGs with warriors and wizards? You’ll love it!
  • It’s great game, but it has tons of stuff to do and pretty steep learning curve at first
  • Who wouldn’t want to befriend fantasy goddess and fuck her?

Interested in playing? It’s free (with microtransactions if you want to level up faster, etc.). See it on Nutaku and try it.

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  1. This game is hosted by Nutaku which censor virtually every game they touch, and Kamihime is no different, yes it’s also censored.

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