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Harem Heroes: Manga Parody Game with Tons of Sexy Girls

What would it be if one time, for no apparent reason you’d wake up in a world, where all the girls are crazy and sex obsessed, ready to fulfill your every wish? No wonder that game’s motto is “Gotta catch’em all”. Read our review and see if catching eager minxes is your thing!

Sexy manga parody

The bespectacled protagonist is an average otaku that suddenly gets into the world inhabited by stunning anime babes, that are taken straight from popular games and anime. Once you’re there you’ll be able to explore the world in a short visual novel h-scenes that contain plenty of humor and anime tropes. Unlike typical clickers that have limited content, this game features cool storyline, with dozens of steaming hot episodes.

hentai harem

VN scenes are fun in Hentai Harem!

harem heroes

Well, when it ends up like this, you can see the story will be hilarious.

hentai game pirates

Harem Heroes uses tons of anime tropes and it’s really, I mean really inspired by various titles, like this certain anime about Pirates wielding fruit powers.

So what’s the point of the game? To build the perfect harem, make the girls fall in love by improving their affection to you and to challenge other players to sexy duels.

Recruit the girls and build the biggest harem

main screen hentai harem

Exploring the world and completing missions allows you to level up girl’s affection and unlock new scenes.

There is also a leaderboard and possibility to fight other players in PvP harem battles for fame and of course – money. Girls have three basic stats: Impact (chance to hit), Confidence (how strong are your hits) and Harmony (causes critical effects) and they fight to damage the opponent Ego. There are also three classes with special skills. All in all, your team composition matters very much and you will spend a lot of time, tweaking your party, especially considering there are many girls to choose from.

You’ll need to try different strategies, manage the team that contains 3 girls and beat your opponent with better sexual performance. Later, girls’ sexual prowess can be upgraded through picking up different outfits and equipment. You need to bring your harem to its ultimate capacity if you want to challenge top players.

You’ll also be able to take part in activities that are mini quests and try Pachinko – a random draw to get limited girls. The energy limits how much you can done in a day, and it can be replenished by waiting or for premium currency.

Go to the market and shower the girls with gifts to improve their affection, books – to get them more XP or equipment for additional skills.

harem heroes adult game

There are more than 150 girls to fuck and collect into your harem. Impressive!

While the games if free, unsurprisingly there are also premium currency – gold coins that can be used to buy premium account, giving you more resource and better performance for your girls.

Is it sexy?

Oh yeah, it certainly is! The best thing is that it has tons of (hardcore) artwork depicting protagonist mingling with sex-crazed ladies. Scenes are drawn in distinct style that looks a bit rushed and certainly isn’t as well defined as in for example Kamihime PROJECT R but nevertheless, the sheer amount of scenes will entertain you for hours.

Erotic themes typical for this game are threesomes and orgies with aroused girls that are always aroused and ready to jump into the action, but everything is lighthearted, with lots of jokes, bad puns and happy-go-lucky attitude. And maybe that’s what sex should be – a pure joy and fun entertainment, with plenty of humour!

sexy harem hentai online game

Why should you play it?

  • TONS of sexy artwork. More than 150 girls to “collect”.
  • Many anime tropes and parodies of Dragonball, Naruto, One Piece and many more anime that you’ll instantly recognize.
  • Plethora of events and lots of special daily missions – typically updated once a week
  • Good tutorial that will teach you everything you need to know.
  • Available on PCs and mobiles (has dedicated app).

Ready for a challenge?

Are you ready to become a Harem Hero and travel the world to meet horny girls? Try it now. It’s available for free online on Nutaku, with the usual microtransactions.

 play harem heroes now

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