chick wars game review

Chick Wars: Fantasy Erotica Meets Turn-Based Strategy

Chick Wars is popular online game available in browser or app that pits teams of hot fantasy girls in tactical battles. If you’ve played Japanese tactical RPGs like Final Fantasy Tactics, Disgaea or Front Mission series, you’ll feel at home. With one exception – those games didn’t feature naughty and scantily dressed ladies, ready to do your bidding not only on the field of battle, but more importantly – in bedroom.  The game was previously known as “Cunt Wars”, though it seems like latter name was too explicit. See what’s the game is about and get to know ladies of Chick Wars.

Get your biches on the battlefield!

Yes, it’s true. The party members that you’ll be summoning to beat the opponent are called bitches here. As we mentioned, it’s quite explicit game and the scenario and dialogues are… definitely different than your typical RPGs. Creators weren’t limited by any kind of censorship, which is a problem with many hentai games officially released in English. And it’s a good thing, as many scenes are cleverly written and fun!

The game starts with comprehensive tutorial, so you’ll quickly learn the ropes and start subduing eager girls, attaching them to your party, and your harem of course. Battles are played quickly and fields consist of lanes where you summon warriors from your deck. Bitches attack each other on the same lane, or the main enemy that has limited HP.

chick wars game review

Battlefield – choose your next summon wisely! In addition, you’ll be able to use some spells that attack every enemy, heal your warriors or imbue them with strength.

While starting missions aren’t hard, you’ll quickly run into more and more difficult battles. While the game is easy to learn, it can be hard to master and you’ll be trying lots of differents strategies and compose fecks based on different obstacles to overcome harder enemies. Of course, you’re earning cash and XP for your girls and build better and stronger decks on the way.

There’s a lot to do and you can upgrade your city go on quests, shop for new summons. You’ll be also able to fight other players for more prizes, participating in League in Harassment Hall.


Reviewing the loot. Chick Wars has cards, and a lot of them. You’ll be able to collect girls to put them out in battles, and of course – to have some sexy time. Gonna catch all the Rare bitches!

level up chick wars

Improving your warriors, excuse me – bitches, not only powers them up, but also results in shedding some unnecessary clothing. This is the kind of leveling up we all deserve!

Have some sexy priestess. You’ll be able to evolve and soulbind to augment your girls even more at the later levels.

Is it hot?

Oh yeah, definitely. As we mentioned previously, there is no censorship here, and the sex scenes are fully animated. Unlike typical hentai game, Chick Wars features western style comic artwork, which is drawn differently than usual anime graphics. Basically any girl can be wooed, culminating in sex scene, and many girls are supernatural kind. You’ll be seducing snake-like nagas, forest nymphs, scantily clad mages and other typical high fantasy characters.

A little prize for completing one of the many campaigns and defeating forest dryad.

Why should you play Chick Wars?

  • Western, comic style artwork, that is very explicit and hot.
  • Good animations too! Includes both battlefield sprites and animated sex scenes.
  • Dialogues and scenario is fun,
  • Easy controls, optimized for mobiles.
  • Dozens of girls to “conquer”
  • Regularly updated, with new content coming each 2 weeks or so.
  • Nice original soundtrack.
  • Plays fast – just right for quick sessions of +18 gaming.
  • Fun and exciting – if you like tactical JRPGS, you’ll love it. At the same times, it features “lanes” system that is more similar to casual games, so it’s not that complicated and can be mastered quickly.

Available on Android and PCs (you should be able to play it on iPhone in browser too), this is really well executed game with tons of content and good gameplay that should glue you to the screen for many hours. It’s available for free on Nutaku, so go check it now.

chick wars game review

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