Attack on Moe H: Sexy Clicker Inspired by That Titan Anime

Attack on Titan (or Shingeki no Kyojin) is one of the most popular anime out there, so no wonder that according to Rule 34, there will be always some that would try to make hentai out of it. Attack on Moe H is a second iteration of popular hentai clicker, that uses this premise of valiant heroes fighting scantily clad giantesses.

Are sexy giantess’ your fetish? Read on then.

Grindy, but fun

As this is online game, saves are made in cloud, so you will always go back to the last point, without need to save manually. And in fact, as a clicker, this game plays itself even while you’re away! You’ll be able to pick new companions – wizards, warriors and rogues that will passively attack monsters.

Boss fight

Grind it up!

You have full arsenal to grind it up and unlocking new stages, beating bosses, and of course – making out with captured moe-tans.

You can power up your avatar, which get’s you stronger strikes or even get special abilities, that will create your clone or improve your critical chance.

Then you can get moespiritis, that are various companions, who attack monsters passively, even when you’re away.

Third, there is equipment, typically obtained at random in gachas and that consists of magical swords, pendants and bracers.

attack on titan hentai

You will be able to obtain a variety of “moetifacts” in this game

There are 3 kinds of currency (or more, if there is some event). Two of them can be earned by beating enemies and completing missions, while third can be obtained only by paying real cash. Everything can be unlocked through grinding, but if you want faster development, you can of course shell some money – a usual feature in basically every clicker.

Boss fights are more difficult than common fights as they have timer, but once you beat the boss, you’ll unlock new girls in “moe-pedia”. Everything is “moe” in this game!

Is it sexy?

Graphics-wise, UI and main screen is stylized to popular 16-bit era SNES pixelart graphics, though the titans itself are drawn in your usual anime style. To get your moe-tan into bed, you need to first fight it off. Then you’ll unlock sexy ladies that will shed more and more clothing with each beaten stage. Hentai scenes are a bit interactive, in a way that you’d need to click on various body parts to heat your girl up, as in old Flash games.

There are few dozens of girls to unlock, and by boosting your intimacy level you’ll be able to persuade moe-tans to shed some clothes.

Overall, “moe” is a Japanese term for cute and clumsy, and that’s what the scenes will look like. It’s nowhere near the level of debauchery and lewdness of Slut Wars (which is a good game too, just more explicit), so if you prefer wholesome lighthearted ecchi softcore hentai – here you are.

Why should you play it?

  • Casual clicker for casual gamers, that plays itself while you’re away,
  • Seems to be popular game,
  • Sexy giantess’ are your fetish? Go ahead,
  • Lighthearted “interactive” ecchi scenes with moe girls, that are not too explicit,
  • Available on PCs and mobiles (has dedicated app).

Attack on Moe-H is available for free, with microtransactions for faster leveling and gachas, so go and see if you can beat this moe-tans. Recommended for clicker fans!

play attack on moe h game

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